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About me

Hello! I’m Ariela Pizza… yes like the food.

Ariela is a spunky bite size italian girl with a love for performing, pasta, and of course pizza! At three years old she began her performing career in her living room, dancing in a hula skirt with a plush snake to “I’m a Slave For You.” 


Ariela comes from a big family in New Jersey and is the only girl with THREE brothers. She graduated from Manhattan School of Music in 2021 where she had the privilege of  working the amazing Randy Graff, David Loud, Liza Gennaro, Parker Esse, Catie Davis and many more! Her recent goals include: getting out of my comfort zone, saying yes, and being her 100% authentic self. 

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Sceneworks Studios 

Ariela Pizza- CEO. Ariela has taken after her father,  Joseph Pizza, former CEO and he has stepped down to allow his daughter, Ariela take the reins. “She is ready. I have no doubt that she will continue supporting the vision of Sceneworks while bringing her own ideas to the company.” Joe will remain involved as President and sole proprietor. Ariela has a love for taking on huge projects including producing, creating content, and advertising. 

Though Ariela is young, she is highly accomplished and motivated and is a force to be reckoned with.

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